What is the cost to file the Wyoming annual report?

  • WY Corporations, PCs, LLCs, LLPs, LPs and GPs, domestic and foreign, typically pay $50. The annual fee is based on assets located in Wyoming. A license tax worksheet is included as part of the Wyoming annual report. The tax is either $50 minimum or $.0002 per dollar of business assets, whichever is greater. Businesses with $250,000 of Wyoming assets or less pay the $50 minimum fee. Wyoming adds a $2 credit card convenience fee for online filing.
  • Wyoming Nonprofits pay a $25 annual report fee.
  • Wyoming Statutory Trusts pay a $100 annual report fee.

What is the cost to file the Delaware annual report?

Corporations pay an annual report fee of $50 plus an annual franchise tax. The franchise tax for the prior year is due on March 1 (2017 taxes are due by March 1, 2018). The minimum annual corporate franchise tax is $175, based on the number of authorized shares (corporations with a ton of authorized shares can pay up to $200,000, which is why we recommend keeping your number of authorized shares below 5,000).

  • 5000 shares or less (minimum tax)
  • 5001 to 10,000 shares – $250
  • each additional 10,000 shares – $75

However, if you have a lot of shares or you’re a masochist and want to pay more, you can calculate your Delaware corporate franchise tax by using the assumed par value capital method. You can calculate your assumed par value by:

  1.  Dividing your total gross assets (total assets reported on US Form 1120, Schedule L (Federal Return)) by total issued shares, carrying your result 6 decimal places. This number is your assumed par value.
  2. Multiply the assumed par by the number of authorized shares with a par value less than the assumed par value.
  3. Multiply the assumed par value by the number of authorized shares with a par value greater than the assumed par value.
  4. Add results of steps 2 and 3. This result is the assumed par value capital.
  5. Round your assumed par value capital up to the next million and multiply that number by $350. (Example if your assumed par value capital is 4.5, round up to 5 and multiply it by $350. In this example, your annual franchise tax would be $1750 (5 x 350). This tax method really only works if you’ve got millions of dollars in assets, otherwise the minimum is $350 using this method.

Delaware is better for the larger structure profit corporation, where Wyoming is better for the small to medium small corporations.